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See Some Shocking Sex Facts You Didn’t Know

This is a list of 10 shocking sex facts that will amaze mature minds.


Knowledge they say is power and light. See a list of some sex facts that may be unknown to you:

1. Guess how many acts of sexual intercourse happen daily in the world – approximately 100 million!



RELATIONSHIP 101: 5 Ways To Look Like A Perfect Gentleman

As there are physical qualities that attract a man to a woman, so there are for a man to get a lady’s attention. It’s not just the fine car you drive or the expensive phone in your hands, women enjoy seeing a man that looks like a ready made husband material to be bundled home to meet mummy; a perfect gentleman. If you want to make heads turn, ladies drool and fall in love with you, just have a gentleman’s demeanor. These are some of the ways to pull it off:

#1. INVEST IN GOOD CLOTHES AND SHOES: the way you are dressed says a lot about you. Do not indulge in buying aba made clothes with terrible misspellings. If you can’t afford the new designer wears, there are some places you can get them, not as new but just as good at subsidized rates. Learn how to combine your clothes and what to wear for every occasion. Don’t wear suits when you are supposed to be wearing beach shorts and a Polo shirt. Read magazines and watch TV as a style guide. (more…)


Dear ORISWORLD LIMITED esteemed readers based on the fact that Sunday Is a Miraculous Day When You Can Do All the Pending Work and Relax, I have decided to take this day as an opportunity to ease you my readers from all the worries in life by publishing this my article on how a man should react when he find his wife or girlfriend n*ked in bed with another guy, well it might interest you that this article took me close to 3 weeks because I was scrolling all over the internet to get the best and thank God I made it. Well on a very serious note, it’s hard to imagine something more shocking than walking in on your girlfriend with someone else. You’ll likely be embarrassed, hurt, and angry. What will you do? What will you say? It’s best to give some thought to it, so you can be prepared in case the unthinkable every happens. It’s not the end of the world.
Here we go; I discovered that when such happen- there is need to Remain calm. Your initial reaction may be sheer anger, but it’s important not to do anything in the heat of the moment that you may regret. Avoid the temptation to scream or be violent; this is a situation that needs to be sorted out when you’ve fully processed what has happened, and screaming, crying, or violence now is only going to jeopardize your ability to do well in the future.
Leave if you feel nothing else but a desire to behave violently. These needs to be sorted out when you’re calmer; get out of the room, house or wherever you may be. (more…)

RELATIONSHIP 101: 6 Ways To Touch Her Vagina

Women love to be touched, and they respond more to touch than men.

While a guy will go all hard and swallowing his Adam apple at the sight of a curvaceous woman. It takes most women more than your good looks or your six packs to get to a point where they can’t wait for you ravish their body. And one of the ways you blow your girl’s mind is if you know how to touch her vagina professionally, yes. As in, handle it like a profession. Trust me if you can do it well, you would have her looking forward to relive the experience with you over and over again. So, how do you do it right? How do you touch your woman or any other woman for that matter *winks*

Learning how to touch or finger your woman’s vagina can help improve your sexual repertoire. With the right type of stimulation, you can help her reach orgasm just by using your fingers and hands. It’s also a great activity to do when you’re not in the right place or don’t have time to strip off all your clothes. You know when you are in a dark corner on the club’s dance floor, or while you are just making out during lunch break at work.

But the best situation to touch your woman is when you are both relaxed, or at worst, when she is relaxed and you are both in the comfort of your room. And in this scenario, you might need a lubricant. Yes, lubricant. You can ask around for some good lubricants and you can just ask your girl. Now, let’s get into the art of touching her step by step. (more…)


When I came across this article on my counterpart blog loladeville, i believed that it will be useful for my readers to be educated on this…. Well if you ask me, I think this is a very insightful break down of the different kinds of Nigerian women, I’d box them into regions for better comprehension.

Here they are: (more…)

RELATIONSHIP 101: This Is How To Have A One-Night Stand

Did you miss Ms. Loggtv, well she back again;

One night stands are very interesting, basically because it is a good way to have fun without any strings attached, if you are the type that do not want to be committed to any relationship. You don’t have to bother about making an impression after the sex. One night stands are what they are; a night of ecstatic fun without any further obligations. However, people often mix things up and then end up with a terrible aftermath situation simply because they do not know the basic rules of hooking up with a babe or guy for random sex.

Apples improve sexual pleasure in women: Fruit stimulates female organs

Could apples stir up sexual desires?
Could Apples be the powerful aphrodisiac women are looking for?

That is the case according to a study that says the fruit can boost sexual pleasure in women.

The researchers found a link between enhanced sexual function in healthy women and regular daily apple use.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away goes a popular saying…!

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