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Information has it that Christ Embassy members have continued querying pastor Christian Oyakhilome who is the founding president of Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated also known as “Christ Embassy”, over alleged report that he has dumped or divorced his wife Anita.

The concerned UK members have also gone on to create a Facebook page demanding to know the whereabouts of Rev. Anita Oyakhilome, the wife of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
According to their pages, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome hasn’t been seen in Christ Embassy Church where she Pastors since November, 2013, and there were no explanations given, as to her suddenly disappearance and the church has been left without a pastor since then.

The members also claim that nobody knows the whereabouts of Rev. Anita Oyakhilome either.

If you have been visiting ORISWORLD LIMITED @, you will definitely observe that i always go with facts..

Please read the face book post below.

Dear brothers and sisters, please the object of this forum is very clear. We have not set this up for the ignorant. If you have no idea about what is happening in this ministry right now, then we suggest you make some enquiries and then come back here to participate sensibly or you simply ‘walk on by’. Some of the posts here are made by people who have been in this ministry way before some ignorant talkers here even heard of this ministry. Intelligent conversations are made with adequate information. Out of love for our woman of God, we have created this page. Some people know how she gave her whole life to us. Worked so selflessly and tirelessly to bring in to being what everybody now enjoys as Christ embassy UK/Europe and loveworld TV. We now hear that there is a rumour about her mental state. This is the same rumour that was going round within the Christ embassy staff community in Lagos. The devil cannot use these people to harm God’s anointed. We ask all of you to pray for our woman of God. Those against her, from pastors to staff, the Lord will put them to shame, one after the other. In your churches today, please remember to pray earnestly for her. God bless you all and please only constructive posts on this page, we may be forced to delete your post otherwise.

This African culture of unaccountability, dishonesty and shadiness, as well as dominating the people – must be dealt with. When Pastor Benny Hinn was separated from his wife, he spoke to his congregation about it. He asked for prayers and support. He showed his congregation that they were important to him and they meant a lot to him. He was honest. And God turned that trial into one of the biggest testimonies of our time by bringing them together again! Pastor Benny Hinn did not go around bringing down his wife in the presence of his pastors and trying to find undeserved support. Pastor Chris should learn from people like this. Don’t be an African, Be a Christian.

By the way, every post on this page is absolutely accurate. Those who know what is happening will fully understand these posts. In fact, if people get to know exactly what pastor Chris has been doing behind the Alter for many years, nobody will ever believe. And

that is why pastor Chris thinks he has the upper hand in this issue. To get rid of his wife quietly and it will be business as usual. He is confident that nobody will believe anything Rev Anita says. Unfortunately, to an extent he is right. People have so surrendered themselves at his feet, that they will refuse to believe any act of unrighteous he is involved in (lets not go into that). Thats why this page has been created. If a man is unrepentant, if he cannot apply his own messages in his own life but expects you to, if he cannot love the woman he has married (like he teaches his congregation), if he expresses one persona in front of the cameras and a completely different one behind the cameras, if he cannot learn from one of the most ‘financially’ important people in his life/ministry, Strive Masiyiwa (who talks about his wife in public, sits beside her in public and travels the world with her) – then, at least, his congregation deserve know! This is truly the end times. But it is indeed sad that the gifted Pastor Chris wants to make himself part of the signs – perhaps because of the amount of money, people and influence, he has acquired.


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